Make this beautiful baby hat crochet pattern this winter! The smile that will bring on your child’s face after you make this beanie hat will be precious & invaluable.

You will love making this pixie hat pattern for your child. It is quick and easy to make with detailed instructions.

$3.99 A Cute Christmas Stocking Striped Beanie with An Extra-Long Monkey Tail Ending With A Huge Pompom.

Your baby will love you for making this crochet pattern for him/her. This hat pattern is for all ages: from newborn to adults!

Food Shifting To a Healthy Living

Food Shifting To a Healthy Living

Both me & my husband are born in families where we started as non- vegetarians. We used to eat fish, meat and eggs. When I was 12 years old, I fasted in the month of Shravana for the first time. In Shravana, fish, meat or eggs cannot be eaten for that month. After that fast, I couldn’t even think about going back to it.

My entire family, parents, brother & sisters made fun of me. They predicted…

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Sattvic Food Healthy Way Of Life

Sattvic Food Healthy Way Of Life

Yesterday, I was talking  with one of my good friends about Sattvic diet. I started studying about the 3 different types of foods as per Yoga & Ayurveda. These 3 types of foods are Sattvic, Rajasic & Tamasic foods.

I realized that we have more of Rajasic and a little amount of Sattvice & Tamasic types of foods in our family diet. Our behavior is also active, aggressive most of the times which is…

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Fun activities for toddlers

Fun activities for toddlers

My daughter, Shaman just turned 2 today. Happy Birthday to her. Today someone in one of the home schooling group asked about reasonably priced materials that can be used to encourage different kinds of exploration and learning in children of kindergarten age.

Kids need to learn different real life things & develop their senses like by touch, smell, feel, sound, shapes, taste, the cause & effect…

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Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern Trendy Baby Brimmed Cap

Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern Trendy Baby Brimmed Cap

This Crochet Newsboy Hat Pattern will make your baby look stylish and adorable. Here comes a cool dude who is smart, trendy & the most fashionable baby on the block!

The cap is made in a newsboy style with a visor & buttons on each side of the flap. These types of newborn baby boy crochet hats are best used as photography props.
Price: $4.99

(via Easy Baby Booties Cute Crochet Pattern for Newborn & Infant)

Make this cute easy baby booties for your newborn or infant! A Unique Gift for baby that will be cherished forever. This crochet pattern for baby booties is simple and quick to design. These baby booties can also be used as photography prop. Those cherished moments that you want to remember for a long long time of your little one as a baby!

Crochet Tank Top A Designer Pattern To Delight Yourself!

Crochet Tank Top A Designer Pattern To Delight Yourself!

I designed this crochet tank top pattern initially for myself. After much window shopping, I realized that there were very limited choices of oversized tank tops for plus sized women. Being a crochet designer myself, I took this as a small challenge and went ahead to design a tank top for myself!

Crochet Tank Top Pattern Mamta Motiyani

Crochet Tank Top Pattern Mamta Motiyani

It’s just in the sub-conscious minds of women that they…

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